Rules for Play and Rental

1.NO Alcohol, Tobacco, or illegal substances permitted.

2.Swearing and foul language will not be tolerated in the facility.

3.NO ball playing outside of designated areas.

4.Children must be accompanied by parent/guardian.

5.NO running or horseplay in the facility.

6.NO use of metal cleats in facility. (*Sneakers and Turf Shoes ONLY*)

7.Players/Teams are responsible for their own trash.

8.NO seeds, chewing gum, or spitting.

9.Coach/Parents must accompany players under 18 onto field.

10.Proper attire mandatory, including shirt & shoes.

11.NO food or drink on turf areas.

12.All individuals suspended indefinitely from the Central Penn Sportsplex may not enter the facility. Eligibility for consideration for reinstatement may be made in writing only if indicated at time of suspension or determined by a facility team member.

13.Staff reserves the right to remove individuals, participants and spectators from the facility who fail to comply with facility rules.